You don't have to know it all. We can help.

Depend on our expertise, depth and style

RoCo accompanies SMBs and emerging businesses on their communications path. Whether you're dealing with a big project or a curious detail, we have your back. Book a free half-hour consultation to see how RoCo can help.

Editorial services

Finding the right words is hard. Having those words break through the noise is even harder.

From emails to speeches, blog posts to white papers, RoCo can boost your content to galvanize your audiences, in both English and French.

Training & coaching

Sure, you can read and write, and speak and listen—but are you actually communicating?  

With its actionable, fresh, and relevant content, RoCo meets you where you are, solo or as a team, whether you're veteran leaders or newbies figuring things out.

Strategic communications

Can your teams express your vision and brand? Is everyone aboard the right train?

RoCo will translate your business plans into clear content that your employees and clients understand, are excited about and share appropriately.

The employee experience

No, we're not talking about foosball tables and all-you-can-eat oysters (but that's nice if you can swing it).

From onboarding packages, to Town Halls, to personalized training programmes, and more, RoCo helps you rock on, meaningfully.

Change management

You can't afford to spend time, money and energy studying infinite "what if" cases.

When a new opportunity arises; when you need to reassure, reassess and realign; when there's panic (let alone a pandemic): there's a RoCo playbook.

Channels & tools

Don't be distracted by the hot market of "internal comms" apps: you can do a lot with a little.

RoCo can help you evaluate cheap (and free!) tools, select the right ones, and train your staff to use them effectively to reduce noise and increase impact.