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Proudly based in the Rosemont borrough of Montreal, the Rosemont Communications agency helps small and medium businesses, as well as start-ups, establish stability in their communication style and structures as their teams grow. Transparency, authenticity and the employee experience are here to stay, and we want to help you find your way through them as with dignity… and some levity. 

When you work with RoCo, you’re dealing with a business that values clarity, meaning, creativity, equity, and the art of listening. 



Expertise, experience and creativity

Hi! I’m the founder of Rosemont Communications, Dominique Blain. RoCo is new on the market and benefits from my…

  • 10+ years of communications experience, including work with NGOs, tech companies and start-ups.
  • 10+ years of media experience as a reporter, editor, copy editor, and TV and radio host.
  • 8+ years of storytelling and improvisation experience as a performer, coach, teacher and producer.
  • infinite amount of creativity and enthusiasm. 

After years of living up to challenges with various employer, I started my own business to develop and share a more diverse range of communications and company culture initiatives.

RoCo represents my values and my approach: rigorous and humorous.

Dominique Blain is a serious person

Dominique Blain

Founder and director
Rosemont Communications

“I’d much rather be writing about you
than about myself.”