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You have a great vision for your organization. Let’s put words to it.

Bring purpose to your communications

As the ambitious leader to a budding business, you know your people represent a most valuable asset. But keeping your crew informed, engaged, and motivated is a delicate job. It takes energy and attention, not to mention money and expertise. And you’re not in a position to allocate full-time resources to your internal communications… yet.

Let Rosemont Communications accompany you as you find your footing, grow your business, and manage your teams. RoCo prides itself on making your vision heard clearly and compellingly. RoCo focuses on crafting the messages and moments that bring meaning and context to your team members—so that you can focus on your products, services and clients.

You suspect culture & COMMS ARE worth the effort... but where's the data?

Make a calculated impact

You're growing fast, but you're not yet in a position to devote a team to internal communications projects. We get it—this is why Rosemont Communications exists.

Great comms make for a great company that scales well. Don't take our word for it: click for evidence that you can make your group more efficient, engaged, and impactful when you focus on the right factors.

RoCo is committed to listening to you and analyzing the data before proposing the full-service solution that makes sense for your organization.  

Operate on a two-way road

Communicating isn't about what you're saying; it's about what your employees are hearing, and how you're listening to them.

In 2017, Salesforce noted that "employees who feel their voice is heard at work are nearly five-times (4.6X) more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work."*

An employee who feels fulfilled at work isn't just more productive; she's also great for your company's reputation and recruitment efforts.

Well worth the investment.

*Salesforce. (2017). The Impact of Equality and Values Driven Business.

Clear the leadership fog

The notion of transparency gets bandied about a lot, and for good reason. Transparency is not a fad.

In its analysis of more than 40,000 responses from employees across hundreds of companies, TINYpulse concluded, among other things, that "management transparency is the top factor when determining employee happiness... at an extremely high correlation coefficient of .93 with employee happiness."*

That's hardly surprising: employees who are informed tend to be less stressed simply because they can get their work done better, more rapidly.

Sounds good to us.

*TINYpulse. (2013). 7 Vital Trends Disrupting Today's Workplace.

Make the right impression

Let's be clear: your employees are talking about your business, and this has an impact on your reputation.

In fact, a report by Weber Shandwick shows that "[n]early six in 10 (56%) respondents surveyed have either defended their employer to family and friends or in a more public venue." That's great news!

However... "The research revealed that only four in 10 employees can confidently describe to others what their employer does or what its goals are."* 

Oops. Can't afford to ignore that.

Weber Shandwick (2014). Employees Rising: Seizing the Opportunity in Employee Activism.