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Practical workshops that grow your opportunities

RoCo workshops are useful, research-based and engaging. Our aim is to develop your skills and challenge your mindset.

Every workshop is designed according to three golden rules.

1/ The content must be useful and actionable; participants should be able to apply their learnings right away.
2/ The content must be based on quality research or the instructor’s first-hand experience and expertise.
3/ The instructor has to enjoy and believe in the workshop they are presenting.

The Write Better with RoCo workshop

Lunch’n’learn series

Better business writing

Are you wondering why your reports, proposals and emails aren’t landing?

This quick lunchtime module will give you the tools to beat writer’s block and to craft clear, concise messages that actually yield results.

What's your listening style? Workshop with RoCo

Lunch’n’learn series

What’s your listening style?

Do you feel like you’re being heard? Are you sure you understand others?

This quick lunchtime module will help you build self-awareness about your listening style, and give you tips to help you become a better leader, coworker and friend.

Big little mistakes: A proofreading and copy-editing workshop by RoCo

Lunch’n’learn series

Big little mistakes

Sometimes the only thing between you and a giant mess is a comma.

This quick lunchtime module shares tips and tricks that copy editors and proofreaders swear by to find and correct factual errors and spelling mistakes.

Freshen up your creative thinking with RoCo

Lunch’n’learn series

Enter the creativity cell

When’s the last time you surprised yourself? Whether you’re seeking ideas for a new project, you’re stuck in a creative rut, you have a problem you can’t solve, or you’re looking to have a bit of fun: this is for you.

Jump-start your thought process during this collaborative lunchtime workshop.

The pillars of effective communications, a RoCo workshop

Conference and workshop

The pillars of effective communication

Get your message across every time. You will learn to apply a proven communications process, inspired by journalism and design thinking, that can be used for any kind of comms initiative.

Stories are a powerful tool. Learn how to use it.

Interactive workshop

Storytelling for business

Stories are a powerful tool for building credibility and bringing abstract concepts to life. Learn the types of stories you can tell, how to develop and deliver them, and when to use them to inspire, inform, sell, convince, connect, be memorable, recruit, and more.

Public speaking can grow your opportunities. Improve your skills with RoCo.

Interactive workshop

Successful presentations

Good public-speaking skills are a great driver of growth for your business and your career. This workshop combines writing and improv exercises to gently address confidence and mindset issues.

Leave with actionable feedback and best practices that cover everything from physicality to slide design.

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We take special requests

Customized training

RoCo offers private coaching to individuals and teams on these and other communications topics.

Please write to us if you’d like to request our services or if you’d like us to add a specific subject to our calendar. We’d love to hear from you!